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Design in any style
Design of a house or apartment in any style:

modern, classical, ethno style, loft, art deco

We work in all styles of interior. We love harmony within a given style. The main criterion for evaluating our work is a client's emotional response to the resulting interior. We are always ready for dialogue and discussion, especially if you wish to combine incongruous.

The main thing for us is that you like the final result.
Design in regions
Branch network in various regions of Ukraine:

Lviv, Кyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Cherkasy, Severodonetsk, Kharkiv, Lutsk , Ternopil and other...

We actively develop branch network of Interior-Idea studio in various regions of Ukraine, because we understand that full contact with the ability to maintain author's supervision of the project is possible only when having close geographical location.

Check if there is a branch near you.
Best apartment or house design
The best result when repairing residential interiors:

living rooms, kitchens, kitchens studios, bedrooms, children's rooms and other...

Most of our orders are apartments, houses and townhouses. Over the years of work, we have placed in Portfolio on this website more than 400 different living quarters, and this is not all our work.

We have learned to understand the nuances of implementing certain ideas in rooms with different areas, task statement and budget.
Design online
Online design anywhere in the World:

Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Poland, USA, and other countries

If you like our projects, we will gladly work remotely, wherever you are. From you only measurements with photo fixation and your wishes would be required.

We will make detailed drawings for repairs, furnishing, and we will select finishing materials and light fixtures from suppliers available in your region.
Commercial property design
Commercial real estate design (HoReCa):

restaurant, bar, оffice, salon design

Public interior design in many respects differs from a residential one. Not only the client, but also the visitors should like it. Requirements for practicality of the materials used here are usually higher. In addition, the cost of such an interior should somehow pay off its value for business success.

All these moments we also take into consideration when working in HoReCa segment.
Price of design
Best rates and transparant pricing

website calculator will quickly guide you in price

The calculator takes into account areas of ​​premises - the larger the area, the cheaper. Also price depends on the region of the project - in different areas prices for the designer's work vary. Style of interior is also taken into consideration - design in the classics is more expensive than the modern one. And, most importantly, the volume of project you want to receive takes into account.

You only pay for what you need.

Our design studio can carry out a design project that is optimal in terms of composition, cost of its implementation and with a consistently high level of creativity. Because:


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