Школа визуализации в 3Д MaxШкола 3Д визуализации

Looking for fast, inexpensive, but effective 3D Max lessons for beginners in visualizing the interior?

Choose the course "3D Max-start for the designer" 

with visualization in Corona Render from Interior-Idea studio

after 10 lessons you will independently make a photorealistic visualization of the interior

from 5$ per lesson with the advice of the teacher

lessons are conducted by a practising designer and a university professor

The program of training course "3D Max" :
Lesson 1. Course presentation.
Demonstration of 3D Max program capabilities.
Creation of the bedroom interior.
Lesson 2. 3D Max interface.
The main tools for selection and transformation.
Copying and isolation of objects. Work with viewports.
Lesson 3. Standard primitives and their parameters.
Creation of basic primitive forms.
Use of basic modifiers.
 Lesson 4. Работа со сплайнами.
Use of Sweep, Extrude modifiers.
Work with bindings.
Lesson 5. Modifier Edit Poly.
Basic modifier settings.
Work with points, edges, polygons.
              Lesson 6. Constructing the room walls.
Several options for creating room walls,
window and doorways.
Lesson 7. Materials Manager.
Texturing of walls and ceiling. Creating a parquet floor.
Work with the UVW map modifier.
Lesson 8. Daylighting and artificial lighting.
Work with artificial light sources.
Lesson 9. Import objects into a scene.
Work with the imported interior elements.
Importing a plan in DWG format.
Lesson 10. Corona render settings.
Creating a final visualization in Corona render.

Онлайн-курсы по 3Д Мах
      Stages of studying 3D MАХ:

Step 1. View the first lesson on this page for free.

Step 2. Register
at our learning platform.

Step 3. Pay  for the next lesson  if you like the viewed one.

Step 4. Complete the assignment  and send  it for the teacher's check.

Step 5. Receive the teacher's comment on the assignment completed.

Step 6. Chat with the teacher online, discuss all the issues and complexities.

Step 7. Complete all 10 lessons  and make your first photorealistic interior.

Step 8. Get the chance to work at Interior-Idea studio,
remotely or in one of our branches in Ukraine.



Total, the course will cost you 81$.

But if you pay in advance for the entire course - 60$ (-25%)

How to pay:

Онлайн консультация по дизайну
1. Click the button "On-line consultation" on the right and let us know that you want to study 3D Max

Оплата онлайн за дизайн
2. You will be given a bill, which is possible to pay directly in chat with Visa card or Mastercard of any bank
Оплата за дизайн:
3. Within 24 hours you will be provided with access to the lesson materials

Are you ready? Let's start!

Step 1. Watch your 1-st lesson on 3D Max

Step 2. Register at our teaching platform FOR FREE

Step 3. Click the button "online-consultation" on the right and pay for 2-nd lesson with teacher's consultatation only 5$

Do not postpone for later — price will increase.

Paying for the lesson, you agree with the contract of public offer.

If you have questions, call at out office +380674722229 or mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Who will benefit from our 3D MAX courses


There are many variants how to master the most popular tool for 3D-visualization - program 3D Max: books, YouTube video tutorials, in-class and online courses. 

Let's look at the pros and cons of each option for studying 3Ds MAX : 

One can learn the program, having downloaded a free book and studied it, but it takes too

There are 3D Max tutorials in the Internet, but whom to ask when there are questions? Additionally, such tutorials usually

Teacher is always next to you, but what if schedule does not suit you? This is very

There are much blown online-courses teaching 3D Max, but they are


Interior design courses in 3D Max from Interior-Idea are deprived of these flaws.

Materials do not contain unnecessary information: only practical tools needed in work.

You study the lessons in your free time, at your favorite pace and communicate with the teacher via Skype.

Step by step you learn how to work in 3D Маx and are always free to ask the teacher when problems arise.

Now we just launch this direction and gain momentum. Soon the price will go up.

Who needs 3D Max lessons:

Emerging interior designers.

Without knowing this program nowadays it is virtually impossible to find a designer job or carry out a worthwhile project independently;

    Those who want to try the design profession on.

Most of their time contemporary designers work in 3D modelling programs. Check if this suits you.

The interior design training is not limited to the knowledge of the 3D visualization program, there are also programs for drawing, knowledge of materials and technologies, ability to understand customer's wishes, and most importantly, the creative spark that makes a connoisseur of programs and technologies a Designer.

Nevertheless, if you have chosen interior design as your vocation, it is better to start education with courses on interior visualization.

3Ds MAX lessons are NOT needed if you:

  Want to quickly figure out the arrangement of furniture in your apartment.

For these purposes, there are a lot of simple programs and online resources, both paid and free.

    Prefer a quick result of quality visualization.

There are a lot of simpler programs, but limited in the possibilities of modeling and visualization.

If you have already decided, CLICK THE BUTTON "Online Help" and let us know about it.