Advantages of custom-built furniture.

Custom-built furniture is a consistent trend in interior decoration in recent years if not decades.

Increasing number of materials for furniture production as well as development of different interior styles make it more difficult to cover the entire market with ready-made products, and individual furniture becomes more and more in demand.

This trend is also largely contributed by the limited space of most apartments. A need arises to design such furniture in which the basic functional is preserved and everything superfluous is discarded.

Pros of furniture to order

1. Individual design.

2. No inconvenient production standards.

3. Possibility of changing components without changing the design.

Cons of furniture to order

1. Production time.

2. Impossibility to touch furniture before manufacturing.

3. Additional time for reconciling all the details.

You can order custom-made furniture on our website for any residential or nonresidential premise.



1. Go to the portfolio of residential or public projects and choose a premise category

2. Click the button  if you want to order furniture as in this premise

3. Go to the cart and send us your order


Developing the interior of an apartment or a house, we always either choose furniture that fits the specific task, or, more often, design it by ourselves. As a rule, we are not limited to specific suppliers, and therefore furniture of our design is always unique and perfectly fits into a specific interior.

If your interior is similar in parameters and you like the style of its furniture, choose furniture for your house from our portfolio:



The assortment of furniture for public interiors is also very diverse. And, if specialized furniture (for example, a manicure table for a beauty salon) it is better to take ready-made from the specializing manufacturers, then a reception desk in the same beauty salon or office furniture you would better order from designers in, so to speak, unique or limited edition.

The following furniture is often bought for public interiors: 



Any furniture material

We are constantly selecting furniture manufacturers in different regions, which are not limited in furniture materials. It is important for us to find the suppliers which can turn into life any our fantasy for reasonable money.

Examples of furniture with the use of various materials:

Any kind of furniture

Modern furniture technologies allow to produce any furniture with minimum additional expenditures compared to the mass factory manufacture.
If order consists not only of a nightstand or a table, then it is more beneficial to order furniture of an individual design rather than factory one.

Most often it is better to develop individually:

If you decided to buy any cabinet furniture, do not complicate your task - just add a premise from our portfolio to the cart and send it to us. A reliable manufacturer in your region will do everything according to our sketches and drawings, tailor the dimensions to your interior. In turn you will save on transportation costs and get an individual approach, i.e. exactly what you need.

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