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For the most accurate calculation please fill in the data in calculator above. 

Below you can find detailed information on design price assessment:


Parameters influencing the design concept total price:

1. Branch - prices differ from city to city

2. List of services included5 options are selected by default referring to "extended concept".

3. Floor area. The larger the area - the lower the price.

4. Style - classic design is by 20% more expensive.

5. Atypicality of the concept - can be clarified within a call or meeting.

Interior design is a quite complicated and non-standard service. That's why not only for clients, but also for designers sometimes is quite difficult to estimate the preliminary labor cost and total project price. Why so?

How do the price is being assessed?

selection of materials and furniture
    • Different clients need different project scope.
      Someone requires repair materials selection and furniture drawings, and for someone the generic dimensioned sketch and construction plan will suffice;

small room design
    • Time consuming for small premises design is disproportionately higher than for big premises
      In conversion to price per square meter design of 10 bathrooms of 5 sq. m. each is much more time consuming than 1 living room of  50 sq. m.;  

project details
    • Different interior styles require different level of detail
      and particularity (drawing of a decorative parquet is more complicated than of a regular laminated flooring)

non-standard design tasks
    • Some projects or tasks are just not typical.
      For example, restaurant interior design is always a high complexity task.

      We will increase the price by 20% even if the classic or any other complicated design is not used.

price of design
Why the final price is not always equal to initial one given by some design studios?

The parameters mentioned above can influence the fact, that final price differs from initial one.


The calculation of labor cost gets more complicated and leads to:
1.  Some studios do not show prices at all
(we are not considering the cases when management
hides prices from their employees
2. Or after detailed breakdown price increases
dramatically which can give an idea 
of some cheating going on

3. Final price does not include materials
supply and client feels fooled.

4. There also some cases when a studio has
a minimum floor area for a project
(100 sq. m., for example)

Prices for design at Interior-Idea studio


taking into consideration real labor cost 

Based on our many years’ experience,  we developed a single formula which considers correlation of labor cost with floor area and project scope 


Our pricing is absolutely transparent

Any website visitor or potential customer can make a DIY calculation of design project total price just on spot. Do not also hesitate to call and we will gladly do that for you!


Project price reflects real labor cost

Disregarding the fact that prices for interior design are actually always negotiated, using our calculator will more luckily give you the price we will gladly agree to!

Do we ever have discounts?

In the usual sense - NO. The “calculator” itself is a tool programmed to add discount or extra charges according to potential labor cost. The discount may occur if after detailed breakdown the labor cost appears to be less than preliminary calculated.

Kindly contact us by any means of communication, which you consider appropriate 

How to use price assessment calculator?

To see the prompt message for any calculator item, point to (i) symbol next to it.

Below is the list of items with the description:

1Select the branch of design studio
The price varies among branches, that's why we suggest you to select the nearest to you to simplify designer's spot visit and surveillance. The surveillance can be done only in the region, where we have a branch. The transport services are to be paid separately.
2Measurements and planning options
This is an obligatory step within any design project. If there is no alterations needed, the furniture location is only discussed. We insist on making the measurements of the premises by our colleagues. Only in case of small remote projects we might use your measurements. On this stage we define functions and zoning, quantity of furniture and equipment. Based on this we make the visualization.
3Preliminary visualization

In Basic package the 3D visualization is being done to define the style, colors and decor elements as niches, ceiling level changes, location of electricity access points and kinds of decoration materials.

Furniture, lamps, other interior elements as well as decoration materials are being drawn preliminary, without selection of real samples. This visualization option considers selection interior elements by client himself or with designer, but on the stage of reparation.

If you want all the elements of your interior to be as close as possible to the ones you can simply buy, please select “precise visualization”

4Main drawings

Basic package includes the minimum of drawings, just enough for reparation works. It includes furniture location plan, equipment placement, ceiling and floor plans, electricity points, development drawings of walls with niches.

It does not include furniture drawings, information on where to buy different interior elements and decoration materials because they were not selected on the visualization stage, but were one approximately.

If you want to have as much information as possible, please select package with “additional drawings”

5Precise visualization

Ordering the precise visualization, you will receive the one, which will correspond at maximum to the final result after reparation works and putting the furniture. In this case key interior elements and decoration materials will be selected from real suppliers and you will be able to buy them at any stores available for you.

Such approach of visualization simplifies selection of interior details as while creation of design project designer will recommend you exact items so you will see the final result immediately.

6Additional drawings

In case of “precise visualization” designer will work out interior element more detailed than in basic package, there is also an option to add “additional drawings” to the project: furniture drawings, stucco moldings drawing, tiles.

As well this package includes specification of furniture collections selected, lamps and other elements and items along with contacts of suppliers.

This package is the most popular among clients of Interior-Idea design studio.

7Designer supervision

While project delivery on spot some issues may raise to be solved with designer the best. If you want your designer to be involved in the process and solve those issues, order this option.

Designer supervision package includes solving of issues that may raise on the design implementation spot such as changing of dimensions due to walls/ceiling surface smoothing, clarification on materials usage for walls, floor, selection of color shades, clarifications for builders etc.

This option does not include selection of decoration materials and interior elements in stores. For this please select “designer supervision on materials selection”

8Designer supervision on materials selection

Not all the interior details can be selected on the visualization stage. For example,  upholstery and curtains is better to select when the rest is purchased and you have real examples of textures and colors of finishing materials instead of digital visualization.

As well, some fluctuations from initial project may happen while purchasing of finishing materials, so further purchases need to be corrected.

There are also some cases, when due to terms of reparation, some collections of materials or furniture are no more in stores or client decides to change some elements due to financial issues. To solve all these issues we offer to choose “designer supervision on materials selection ”

9Spot visits within designer supervision

All the packages described above include spot visits at client’s or supplier’s request in case of  problem situation. Sometimes such approach might be too late and it appears too expensive to fix the mismatches.

To avoid such situations you may order regular spot visits. In such case designer will visit the object not less than once in two weeks to check the progress. This helps to prevent mistakes while project implementation or to notice them before it’s too late or too expensive.

To have the most effective control over reparation process, designer should have full information on interior details used and approved by client. That’s why this service is included to the packages mentioned above.

10Design in 3D stereo

For the most impressive presentation of the project, we offer the 3D stereo visualization to be watched on 3D TV’s and in 3D cinemas. We can produce either 3D photo set or 3D video.

As well we can print you interior visualization using stereo print technology. In such case you need special glasses to view it.

11Quantity of rooms

Count all rooms, not only inhabitant one.

For example, for 2-rooms apartment it can be: living room, bedroom, entrance hall, toilet, bathroom, balcony (if it needs to be designed also). So far 7 rooms. If you plan to join toilet and bathroom or kitchen with living room, please mention 6.

12Total floor space

Total floor area according to Technical Inventory Bureau documents can vary from real: due to glassed-in balconies and loggias floor areas being calculated with decreasing coefficients. As well the staircase area can be not counted.

13Classic or ethnical style
This “project price calculator” considers calculation of the typical projects in contemporary style. But classic style, art-deco, ethnical styles or other specific styles with non-typical tasks are calculated with additional markup in proportion to the complexity level.
14Virtual panoramas

Photorealistic visualization is done to receive the generic idea on how the interior will look like after reparation and furniture placing. Despite the visualization is done according to real measurements of premises, because of stereoimpression deviations, rooms on visualization always seem bigger than real.

Using virtual panoramas helps to see room space more precisely, especially for small rooms. This technology allows to have all-round panoramic view from certain points. Order this services for the most precise interior visualization.