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For the most accurate calculation please fill in the data in calculator above. 

Below you can find detailed information on design price assessment:


Parameters influencing the design concept total price:

1. Branch - prices differ from city to city

2. List of services included5 options are selected by default referring to "extended concept".

3. Floor area. The larger the area - the lower the price.

4. Style - classic design is by 20% more expensive.

5. Atypicality of the concept - can be clarified within a call or meeting.

Interior design is a quite complicated and non-standard service. That's why not only for clients, but also for designers sometimes is quite difficult to estimate the preliminary labor cost and total project price. Why so?

How do the price is being assessed?

selection of materials and furniture
    • Different clients need different project scope.
      Someone requires repair materials selection and furniture drawings, and for someone the generic dimensioned sketch and construction plan will suffice;

small room design
    • Time consuming for small premises design is disproportionately higher than for big premises
      In conversion to price per square meter design of 10 bathrooms of 5 sq. m. each is much more time consuming than 1 living room of  50 sq. m.;  

project details
    • Different interior styles require different level of detail
      and particularity (drawing of a decorative parquet is more complicated than of a regular laminated flooring)

non-standard design tasks
    • Some projects or tasks are just not typical.
      For example, restaurant interior design is always a high complexity task.

      We will increase the price by 20% even if the classic or any other complicated design is not used.

price of design
Why the final price is not always equal to initial one given by some design studios?

The parameters mentioned above can influence the fact, that final price differs from initial one.


The calculation of labor cost gets more complicated and leads to:
1.  Some studios do not show prices at all
(we are not considering the cases when management
hides prices from their employees
2. Or after detailed breakdown price increases
dramatically which can give an idea 
of some cheating going on

3. Final price does not include materials
supply and client feels fooled.

4. There also some cases when a studio has
a minimum floor area for a project
(100 sq. m., for example)

Prices for design at Interior-Idea studio


taking into consideration real labor cost 

Based on our many years’ experience,  we developed a single formula which considers correlation of labor cost with floor area and project scope 


Our pricing is absolutely transparent

Any website visitor or potential customer can make a DIY calculation of design project total price just on spot. Do not also hesitate to call and we will gladly do that for you!


Project price reflects real labor cost

Disregarding the fact that prices for interior design are actually always negotiated, using our calculator will more luckily give you the price we will gladly agree to!

Do we ever have discounts?

In the usual sense - NO. The “calculator” itself is a tool programmed to add discount or extra charges according to potential labor cost. The discount may occur if after detailed breakdown the labor cost appears to be less than preliminary calculated.

Kindly contact us by any means of communication, which you consider appropriate 

How to use price assessment calculator?

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