Ремонт квартир, дизайн интерьера  
Sole proprietorship Gnatovskiy Denis Vyacheslavovich - main contractor of Interior-Idea      


Interior-Idea specializes in the development of detailed design projects.

But, if you need someone who will carry out repair of apartments in Cherkasy and perform a thorough turn-key repair, we will be able to help you with this.

We are interested in realization of our projects, where finishing and repair are an important final step in creating the interior of your dream. Therefore, Interior-Idea recommends only proven contractors.


Trade mark Postroi-kа! is a team of experienced specialists in the field of repair and finishing works, which have been repairing apartments, offices, private houses and performing premises repair of any complexity for many years.

Postroі-kа! is :

experience and professionalism

detailed calculation of estimate

quality assurance

timely performed works

contented customers


20 years experience

 Work under the contract with fixation of terms and responsibility

Design repairs of any complexity with guarantee

 Step-by-step payment, upon execution of works


Modern apartment repair, Zolotonosha


Elena G.

"Excellent team! Quality of services is 5 grades. The repair is executed qualitatively, meeting deadlines. Guys are hard-working, professionals in their field! All is fine! Many thanks!

Modern apartment repair, Cherkassy


Оlga B.

"Fully satisfied with repair. I would like to mention Oleg's work, who is the master of decorative works; artists - Egor and Ira; repair team leader - Denis; designer - Ira. But in general, all specialists worked as a single well-coordinated mechanism, there are no complaints. I recommend to all! You will not regret


1Prices for dismantling and re-planning
Job name Price, uah
Partitions dismantling, per m2 100
Main walls dismantling, per m2 200
Cement screed dismantling, per m2 80
Plaster dismantling, per м2 50
Sconcheons dismantling, per m 50
Windows and doors dismantling, per item 100
Radiators dismantling, per item
Walls insulation dismantling, per m2 50
Demolition waste take out and load 1 floor + 100 uah per floor, per ton 200
Unload and lifting of materials 1 floor + 100 uah per floor, per ton
Unload and lifting of drywall 1 floor + 20 uah per floor, per item 20
Assembly of partitions (gas concrete blocks), per m2 80
Assembly of partitions (bricks) 6
2Floor mantling prices
Job name
Price, uah
Assembly of balanced construction (foam plastic, tape, net), per m2 100
Pipes installation for heated floor, per m2 70
Cement screed, per m2 200
Floor primer, per m2 10
Laying of laminated flooring, per m2 60
Laying of tiles, per m2 250
Laying of plinth, per m 55
Threshold plates mantling, per m 90
Floor waterproofing, per m2 50
Rough claydite screed, per m2 100
Laying of polystyrene foam on the floor, per m2 70
3Prices for electrical works
Job name Price, uah
Wall chasing for wires (bricks), per m 50
Wall chasing for wires (concrete) 80
Сlosing furrows, per m
Wiring, per m 15
Wiring in crinkled hose, per m 25
Electric point chasing (chasing bricks), per item 60
Electric point chasing (chasing concrete), per item 80
Electric point chasing (cut-in to drywall), per item 40
Power distribution board mounting and wires soldering, per item 140
Setting up sockets and switches, per item 60
Assembly of chandeliers, wall lamps, door bell, motion sensors, per item from 110
Mounting of pinpoint lights, per item 70
Chasing and mounting of switchboard room into the niche, per item 500
Connection of automatic circuit breaker, per item 70
Mounting of voltage control relay, per item 130
Mounting of residual cut-off device, per item 130
Mounting of transformers for hidden lighting, per item 110
Mounting of hidden lighting (LED strip), per m 60
Mounting of electric underfloor heating (wiring), per m2 70
4Prices for sanitary engineering work
Job name Price, uah
Chasing for water pipes (bricks), per m 80
Chasing for drain (bricks), per m 100
Mounting of sanitary point (hot/cold water supply), per item 200
Drain mounting, per item 200
Mounting of check-up windows for water, per item 300
Mounting of taps, pipes, per item 90
Mounting of base for toilet, per item  600
Mounting of bath-tub, per item from 600
Mounting of toilet on the base and connection, per item 400
Mounting of towel dryer, per item 700
Mounting of water heater, per item 500
Mounting of vanity unit stand, per item 400
Mounting of vanity unit into stand, per item 200
Mounting of water mixers and bath traps, per item 180
Mounting of washing machine, per item 300
Mounting of a radiator, per item 800
Floor chasing for heated floor (HF) accumulator, per item 150
Mounting of HF accumulator and connection to heating facilities, per item 400
Mounting of HF pump, per item 250
Mounting of cabinet for HF accumulator, per item 250
Connection of accumulator to HF (1 in/out), per item 250
Connections of radiators to accumulator, per item 250
Dismantling and mounting of hot/cold water meters, per item 400
Mounting of accompanying sanitary equipment and mirrors, per item 150
5Prices for tiling
Job name Price, uah
Walls tiling work, per m2 250
Splays tiling work, per m 250
Mounting of frizo, per item 100
Tiles cutting 45  degree, per m 150
Drilling for taps and sockets, per item 100
Brickwork, per m2 350
Mosaic wall decoration, per m2 400
6Walls repair prices
Job name Price, uah
Wall primer, per m2 15
Wall primer (concrete bonding agent) per m2 20
Wall plastering, per m2 150
Walls puttying (start) per m2 40
Walls puttying (finish) per m2 60
Sealing of walls to ceiling junctions, per m 80
Walls polishing, per m2 20
Primer for inclinations, per m2 15
Primer for inclinations with concrete bonding agent per m 20
Inclinations plastering, per m 150
Inclinations puttying (start) per m 40
Inclinations puttying (finish) per m 60
Inclinations puttying, per m 20
Mounting of perforated corner, per m 50
Glueing of glass-fibre mat on the walls, per m2 50
Glueing of glass-fibre mat on inclinations, per m 50
Window reveal insulation with foam board, per m 70
Net reinforcement of window reveals, per m 50
Walls insulation (slag wool), per m2 80
Mounting of drywall to the wall on section, per m2 120
Glueing of drywall to the wall, per m2 120
Mounting of drywall inclinations , per m 120
Wallpapering, per m2 from 60
Pargetting, per m2 from 150
Walls painting, per m2 60
Mounting of doors (fixation, cut-in of hinges, locks) , per item. 800
Platbands mounting, per m2 50
7Ceiling repair prices
Job name Price, uah
Drywall ceiling assembly,  per m2 180
Drywall pointing, per m 60
Glueing of glass-fibre mat on ceiling, per m2 60
Puttying of ceiling before painting, per m2 100
Ceiling primer, per m2 20
Ceiling polishing, per m2 30
Mounting of drywall inclinations (radial), per m 200
Mounting of drywall inclinations (straight), per m 150
Puttying of drywall ceiling inclinations, per m 100
Polishing of ceiling inclinations per m 30
Primer of ceiling inclinations , per m 20
Mounting of perforated corner, per m 60
Glueing of glass-fibre mat on the ceiling and inclinations, per m 60
Ceiling painting, per m2 70
Inclinations painting, per m 70
Assembling of plastic ventilation, per item 400
Additional works to be discussed separately. Please take in consideration materials delivery, approximately 1,5-2% of total project cost.  


1. Contact us
 2. Discuss details of repair works
3. Calculate estimate
4. Sign the contract
5. We perform works
6. You pay the result

For repairs, call



Each our customer will confirm that any construction work, be it complete renovation, replanning, repair of rooms, such as, kitchen repair and bathroom repair is much easier and better if design is first developed.

Availability of a detailed design project for a customer allows them to include into estimate only the amount of construction materials and construction services that are necessary for successful repair of the premises.


Ремонт квартиры под ключ

Allows you to calculate possible costs for the whole apartment repair or a house repair and carefully choose the repair contractor.

Understand your own tastes and wishes in the process of preparing for repair.

See the nuances of implementing ideas in specific space volumes and real finishing materials. After all, even the layout of apartments without selecting specific furniture may not be possible.

Ремонт квартиры
Not to be inundated with ​​new materials, repair technologies and choose those that suit you.

To save your energy, since a design project is the presence of specific decisions regarding the repair process, which facilitate your control and cooperation with the contractor.

Save on the total cost of repairs, as a quality design project minimizes the number of errors in the repair process that lead to alterations of various work stages.

The cost for the design project does not exceed 5% of the total repair costs

The interior, which you will receive in cooperation with our studio and repair team "Postroi-ka!" is guaranteed to make you satisfied with the end result!

For repairs, with or without design, call


Pavel, the head of Interior-Idea studio