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Residential and public building facade design


This service is in demand with the owners of cottages, as very frequently during the development of an architectural project more attention is paid to planning solutions, technical solutions as well as the general architectural style and forms.

And specifics, especially in terms of materials and decoration colors, are given little time, despite the fact that it will take long until the construction is completed.

Architectural project

Even architectural visualization is not always included in the project. Also often during the construction process deviations from the project occur: windows or roof slope angle may be added or removed, other changes take place. Design with the facade visualization, in such a case, is an ideal service.

Owners of commercial real estate appeal to us because we usually provide this service in more detail than architects do and more all-in than advertisers can offer it. Their specialization is still a signboard rather than the entire facade and, respectively, the materials used are limited to advertising and do not include building and decorative ones.


Facades design creation

Developing house facade designs, our specialists, among other things, are guided by the following principles:

    • The unity of the facade and interior design concept. This applies to style, shapes, and materials used

  • Any changes in the facade are correlated with the changes in the interior when it comes to the facade design with a reconstruction. To achieve a more complete understanding of how the exterior influences the interior, a plan is developed for the arrangement of furniture in the rooms.

House facade designPublic facade design

At the same time, we clearly understand the differences between the design of a private house and commercial real estate. Among these differences, the focus on the brand should be separately noted if we are talking about a commercial project. It is this that will set the building apart from others as well as determine the choice of materials and style.

All our projects for facades are individual, developed in a single copy for the customers' needs and taking into account the location of the object, orientation under direction, wishes for style and budget of finishing works.

House facade design


This question is rather rhetorical. The answer to it depends on your individual sense of beauty. If you care about the look of things that surround you, and generally the environment, then you know the answer to this question both with respect to the facade design and in relation to the interior design. If you do not care then you also know the answer.

But if you have doubts, we advise you to order this service. You will be surprised at how much facade outward can be improved by acting professionally.

Sometimes customers ask us even before the design work begins: "And what do you offer us in our case?"

Unfortunately, most frequently we cannot pre-announce the ideas of ​​facade design, since these solutions are the result of hours of designing, and they appear during the work. This is an interesting, long, creative search process, the outcome of which sometimes surprises even ourselves.

Order a complex of services the design of the building facades together with the interior design so that to achieve the maximum harmony of the external and internal space.