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January 2017

Адрес объекта. г. Северодонецк.Концепция дизайна. Использование серо-голубых корпоративных цветов, облицовка ступеней комбинированная,…

Main entrance design for SRPC "Impulse"
May 2014

Дизайн фасада для автосалона Geely, г. Черкассы.Другие проекты общественных фасадов от студии…

Facade design for Geely showroom
May 2012

Фасад гостиницы в с. Лозивок в этно стиле.Другие идеи оформления общественных фасадов…

Hotel facade design in ethnic style
August 2011

Фасад здания "Укрспецсплав" в современном стиле, г. Смела.Другие интерьеры общественных фасадов от…

Ukrspetsslav facade design
September 2010

Дизайн фасада проекта гостинично-ресторанного комплекса.Другие проекты общественных фасадов.

Facade design for hotel and restaurant complex
September 2009

Фасад ресторана "ле Балкон" в г. Черкассы, в классическом стиле.Другие проекты общественных…

Facade design for le Balkon restaurant in classic style
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advice on a public building facade design

Public buildings facade design

Buildings design

Public building design is more diverse in comparison with private houses both in the materials and technologies used and in the abundance of forms and architectural techniques.

Usually, it is more bright and open compared to the design of private houses and structures. For example, hardly anyone would want to design the facade of their own swimming pool with bas-reliefs of dolphins and octopuses, although it looks very interesting on a public bath complex.

Public facade design


Designing of the commercial buildings facades apart from the artistic function has another one: advertising and sales.

So, developing the design of the car showrooms, probably, it's more important to pay more attention to advertising the cars themselves, rather than architecture of the building.

Generally, the need for advertising is one of the key engines for the commercial buildings design. Attempts to stand out among the competitors are often embodied in the nonstandard design ideas, which are not always costly in execution.

If the appearance of your commercial property needs more than a new signboard, if you started a global redesign of the facade, please contact us for advice and a design project.

Information for contacting us you can find on the contacts page.