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February 2019
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Sketch design of the reconstruction of the motel

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Project description

Design idea

"Unity with nature"

The concept of design and the main materials used in the interior.

We were faced with several tasks: reschedule the existing parking space; to plan the second floor for hotel rooms.
Our customer was determined by the presence of large panoramic windows and the search for a modern facade design, taking into account the environment.
After the approval of planning decisions, the following division of floors appeared:
The 1st floor includes the main entrance to the hotel, with a reception desk and a staircase to the second floor to the rooms; large garage with two gates with access to the reception area; separate garage with a staircase to the second floor in the customer's personal use rooms.
2nd floor includes a spacious bright hall; kitchen for guests; Utility room; shared bathroom; 3 double rooms with bathrooms.

Based on the planning decision, the concept of facade glazing with panoramic windows appeared, and the facade was divided into zones with different facing materials.
I wanted the building to be modern and at the same time fit into the natural atmosphere.
For the cladding of the building used facade plaster under the concrete, and a wooden facade plank.
To hide the joints of materials, metal corners of black color were used, the solution was also applied to the corners of the building.
In support of this idea, it was decided to paint all window, door and doorways in black, and to use glass packages in black.
Zoning cladding materials due to the planning decision.

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