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June 2018

Идея. Разнообразить восприятия обычного фасада дома. Это удалось, когда мы визуально разделили…

Дизайн фасада с разными отделочными материалами
October 2017

Идея дизайна. Единение с природойКонцепция дизайна. Сделать экстерьер дома максимально вписывающимся в…

Design of private house facade on the lake
May 2017

Private house extension design in Severodonetsk.

Private house extension design
January 2017

Фасад 2-х домов  «Современный экстерьер в графитовом цвете »Два лаконичных и простых…

Contemporary exterior design in graphite color
October 2016

Идея дизайна: Идея создать максимально простой и в то же время оригинальный…

Facade and terrace design in contemporary style
October 2016

Концепция дизайна: Оформить уже существующую архитектуру фасада жилого дома. Основные материалы фасада:…

Design and decoration within existing architecture solution
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advice on a private house facade design

Design of the private house facade

Private house design

House design is often made by typical projects. Usually, these projects do not correspond customer's requirements 100% concerning the outer look of the house, its planning, cardinal direction orientation, room areas and other parameters.


If you want to have a perfectly ideal house design, it should be individual. Only by developing the design of cottages for specific needs the following parameters can be balanced:

Facade color

color solutions

Private house design
Price for construction materials

type andprice categoryof the material

Facade and site planning

filling the facade with elementsdepending on how the house is positioned, availability and distance to the neighbours' buildings

Project for private houses

house interior, which is coordinated with the style of its facade

Facade design

Even if the project is not typical and designed especcially for you, very often exterior design is paid little attention due to a large number of other issues to be resolved by an architectural project. We specialize in the external facade design and offer you a practically applicable solution: whether it's a classical palace or a log house, a modern cottage or a Indonesian-style country house.

While working with the facade of you house we will offer you materials for walls finishing: plaster, brick or stone, wooden or plastic lining, possibly, frame. Depending on the style, decorative elements of the facade decoration made of wood or stucco may come useful. Also, we often use marble and granite, especially in the socle finishing. For roofing materials, there are many finish materials now, with ceramic or bituminous shingles and metal tiles most often used.


Private house facade design

Selection of material is only a part of the work on the facade design. Choosing a color, competently combine different materials, forming this way a peculiar image of the facade, is the main difficulty in the designer's work. Depending on the cottage architecture, your vision and designer's ideas, the principle of the facade design is chosen, its abundance with decor elements. Perhaps, the principle of floor division by materials, perhaps, combination of windows vertically or horizontally, and, probably, modelling of the house corners or separately of each window is chosen.

After the visualizations have been agreed, we will prepare all the drawings, necessary for the implementation of the project, advice you where to buy the selected materials and who will be able to perform certain types of complex decorative works, if any.

We do not develop landscape design. Therefore, for the exact plan of the homesite with the specifics on plants, you should apply to the landscape design studio. This can be done both before and after the designing of the house facade. However, we can plan your sector at a less detailed level, if that's enough for you.

The cost of designing houses depends on many parameters

You will not find the approximate prices for this kind of work in our price list, so call us or send a description of your task, and we will calculate the cost individually.