June 2018
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The design of the facade with different finishing materials

  • Visualization

Project description

Idea. Diversify the perception of the usual facade of the house.
This was possible when we visually divided it into several fragments using various finishing materials: clinker tiles, plaster and wood, and highlighting the existing vertical stone columns with light.

Concept. The main task was to warm the facade with existing stone columns, located in the level with the walls. To avoid a non-aesthetic transition between different materials, it was decided to make wooden linings along the perimeter of the warmed part of the house.

Main materials: Brick tile, lining with the texture of wood, decorative plaster.

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Designers feedback

Designer  Darya Kuzmenko
Darya Kuzmenko I took into account all the wishes of the customer and turned out an interesting facade with the use of clinker tiles, plaster and wooden wall paneling. The horizontal line of the wall paneling successfully placed in itself the lamps, which emphasized textured stone columns.