January 2019
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Sketch design of a house with a plot

Project description

Create a cozy and beautiful courtyard for the rest of a large family.
Select the central part of the house facing stone and thereby give it austerity and grandeur.
In the courtyard, a central zone in the form of a lake is also allocated to delight the eye from all sides of the courtyard.

Creating a complete facade of different materials.
The yard is divided into zones: a garden, a working area with garden beds and a utility room and a recreation area with a playground, a lake and a cozy gazebo with barbecue facilities.
Their presence was dictated by the desire of customers.
For convenience, we combined them and placed the brazier inside the gazebo so that it could be used in any weather, placed it closer to the entrance to the kitchen at home. It was necessary to design a utility room that would also be used as a garage for a small tractor and correctly position it in the yard.

Basic materials:
Facing stone "Combined beige slate".
Clinker brick "Kerameya KINKERAM Rustic Granite 53 PR-1".
Clinker brick "Kerameya KLINKAM Rustic Pearls 1".
Clinker tile "SDS Keramik Marburg braun".
Tile "Docke Zurich Fladen".

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Designers feedback

Designer  Darya Kuzmenko
Darya Kuzmenko

I was faced with a difficult task: to design the courtyard so that it was convenient to move along it, to rest comfortably and to ergonomically place all the buildings on it.
Work on finishing the facade of the house turned out to be interesting.
The colors and textures were approved the first time.