October 2017
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Design of private house facade on the lake

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Project description

The idea of ​​design. Unity with nature

Design concept. Make the exterior of the house as fit as possible into the environment, so that it does not violate the integrity of the perception of the site.

The main materials used in the exterior. Exterior finish is made of treated wood panels. The seams and joints are connected with painted steel with polymer coating. The house as a whole is above ground level, as it stands on a foundation that is part of the exterior.

The task was to maximally reveal the views from the house to the site and the lake. I achieved this by creating a window to the floor for the entire size of the wall, which allows you to easily see the whole lake and the opposite shore. Also, a terrace was created right above the water, which in turn allows the owners of the house to come closer to nature as much as possible, essentially staying at home.

Address of the object. Kharkov region.