• facade pictures
May 2018

The main materials of the facade: Front panels and decking AGT Pluss,…

The implementation of the design of the facade and terrace in modern style
September 2009

Photo project realization. Facade restaurant "Balkon" in classical style

Facade of le Balcon restaurant design in classic style
advice on how to implement a project

About realization of facade designs

Developing the design of a building facade and turning them into reality, it is worth to pay special attention to the practical and technical sides of the matter:

    • whether the correct materials are used in the facade decoration and are they suitable for the external environment. Specifically, stone and moldings, despite all their outward similarities, differ for interior and exterior works.

  • if constructive changes are made to the architectural design, do they comply with the rules of architecture. For instance, whether roof slopings are correctly formed and have no zones without divertion of atmospheric precipitation, whether roof inclination angle is sufficient for the type of roofing material used.

As in the case of interiors, the designer's consultations can be vital at the project implementation stage.

Disregard of seemingly minor details can result in the fact that the exterior will significantly lose its expressiveness. For instance, the customer may decide to remove small projections-steps on the plane of the walls, which are used to separate colors of the finishing material. It seems to be a trifle, but the outward will suffer significantly. And there is plenty of such examples.

To minimize errors, it is better to let the professionals development and implement the project. Please contact Interior-Idea for the project of a residential or public building facade.