August 2017
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Rating: Coffee Clatch cafe in Cherkasy. Implemented project photos. 5.0 from 5. Rating : 3

Coffee Clatch cafe in Cherkasy. Implemented project photos.

Project description

The cozy cafe Coffee Clatch is an island of tranquility in the style of Provence in the center of the city bustle. Here you can relax in a comfortable atmosphere accompanied by retro French music, which takes you to the streets of the south of France, a quick and tasty snack and enjoy excellent coffee, as well as take food with you.

Work on this cafe is an example of the right creative tandem designer and customer. Initially, the task was creatively developed by the designer, various options were worked out. But the final version of the work on the improvement of the design is not over. Designer supervision - such a necessary service for such complex projects - was not ordered, but the customer, possessing excellent taste, independently made some adjustments in the course of the project implementation. As a result, the interior has become even more elaborated in detail, cozy and "lamp". But there is only 15 sq. M. square.

Compare the result with the original Coffee Cafe design project.

Object address: Cherkasy, Shevchenko Boulevard, 256 (near the Transit shopping center).