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Bathroom design in marble
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advice on a bathroom design

Bathroom design

Bathroom colorful design

When developing a design of bathrooms or toilets, it is desirable to immediately select the plumbing and finish materials. As the basic finishing material here is tile, and it has a specific size, color, texture and price, then, making the design of bathrooms, one need to focus on a specific collection of this tile.

Therefore, we recommend that at the very beginning of the bathroom renovation process, you should familiarize yourself with the assortment of tiles, "touch" it and ask for price. In order to avoid a situation where a customer coordinates the visualization of the project, drawings of the tile layout are made according to it, and when buying tiles, he/she does not like the texture of the material or its price.

After all, replacement the tile by another in the process of implementing the project, maybe even by very similar one, may cause the bathroom interior to be completely altered. Because other tile size, color options within the collection and the presence of decors can completely change the principle of laying this tile and, therefore, visualization and drawings will lose their relevance.


Another common material for bathrooms, pictures of which you can see on our website, is mosaic. Particularly interesting is its use in the form of panels and gradients with a smooth transition of one color into another. Walls, floor, and interior details of natural marble and granite look gorgeous.

Bathroom design
Bathroom design

In lighting design, it is important to remember about the humidity of premises and apply the appropriate type of light fixtures and electrical fittings, especially in the immediate vicinity of the water. It is necessary to take into account the fact that choosing dark tile as basic may require more light sources. Be sure to make the floor heating, this is both comfort and additional drying of the floor surface.

Furniture location in bathroom

In the bathroom, the design of furniture is also very important. It is preferable to minimize the amount of particleboard, using more MDF and natural wood with special processing. Furniture and countertops of artificial stone have recommended themselves excellent in the bathrooms.

Drawing plan

Help to plan the bathroom properly, gracefully hide communications, place a boiler or washing machine, pick up bathroom and light fixtures, design furniture - all this is our profile, activities in which we have a lot of experience.

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