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October 2015
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Rating: Tiny bathroom design in patchwork style 4.5 from 5. Rating : 8

Tiny bathroom design in patchwork style

Project description

Design concept. In a small bathroom, place a bath 1800 mm (at the request of customers), and as much as possible storage space, as well as visually expand the space.

The main difficulties when working on a project. In the bathroom, it was possible to place a heated towel rail only because of one wall. To solve the problem, it was decided to move the doors and choose a heated towel rail with a minimum width and depth. In the bathroom, the pipes are hidden in a white MDF box, a more compact washbasin and toilet are selected. The tile is located in such a way to embroider the space.

The main advantages of the implemented over the existing. Moved bath, which allowed to choose a longer bath. Increased space with white glossy tiles, glossy ceiling and all-white furniture, plumbing. Storage space for household chemicals hidden in a folding shelf under the bathroom, and a laundry basket hidden in a cabinet under the sink.

The main materials used in the interior. Almera Ceramica “Patchwork blue” bathroom tile; heated towel rail - Laris Kvatro P9 400xh = 700 mm; bath Riho Colombia.