August 2013
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Bathroom design in silver and black colors

Project description

The idea of ​​design. "Modern bathroom in a classic restaurant"

The embodiment of the design concept. Since the dimensions of the room did not allow to completely isolate the toilet from the washbasin using a wall with a door, it was decided to at least visually separate these zones from each other using a plasterboard partition. She made the depth of the sink and the entire height of the room. To complete the composition, this silhouette is continued by a plasterboard ceiling (140 mm) with a transition to the wall with an entrance door. The countertop under the sink is made the same thickness (140 mm).

The customer wanted this bathroom not to be decorated in a classic style, so a more modern tile was chosen. And so that the interior with black tiles does not seem too dark and dull, it was decided to dilute it with silver mosaics, light floor tiles and wall tiles with purple flowers. White stretch ceiling echoes the color of the floor. The longest mirror visually expands the room, and the reflection of the light source itself makes the room brighter. Under the table top there is a mobile bedside table for detergents and other small consumables. The drawers will be locked with a key cleaner.

The main materials used in the interior. Tile from the collection "Secret Edeno" from the company "Paradyz", lamps from the company "Massive" in black (Н120х103х103 mm), suspended ceiling №02010 lux varnish according to the catalog "LuxeDesign", bathroom equipment from the collection "2nd floor" from the company "Duravit" (Germany ).

Other interiors of bathrooms and toilets from the studio Interior-Idea.

Designers feedback

Designer  Gnatovskaya Irina
Gnatovskaya Irina Black bathroom is a very attractive and stylish solution. But dark tones eaten up the most light, compared to all other colors, so you need to add a few details of a different color. This immediately enlivens the interior, making it more interesting. This is where the peculiarity of colors absorb light. The dark one takes it away, while white and gray, on the contrary, reflect it. That is, a certain harmony is achieved. I think it was possible in this interior.