August 2016
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Rating: English style design for bathroom 4.5 from 5. Rating : 2

English style design for bathroom

Project description

The idea of ​​design: The main task during the development of this room was to connect the design of the bathroom with the interior of the office. For this color range was selected appropriate. This was helped by the collection of tile Rialto manufacturer Vallelunga, which is ideally suited in all respects. Since the room is very small, it was necessary to make the most of all its possibilities. For this, a spacious wardrobe with doors was arranged above the installation, and a small cabinet with a mirror for various trifles cozily settled over the corner sink.

The main materials used in the interior: Vallelunga tile collection Rialto.

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Designer's review: The interior turned out to be at the same time playful, at the expense of small tiles and numerous friezes, and at the same time strict, inspired by the traditional English style, with strict division into "light top" and "dark bottom."