May 2017
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Chromatography in bathroom interior

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Project description

The idea of ​​design. Chromotherapy in the bathroom.

The bathroom will be cozy and comfortable if the lighting is chosen by the designer correctly. In this bathroom, a good solution was light zoning into 2 groups: the main functional and decorative LED. The main lighting is a point ceiling light. Separating the plane above the bathroom with wooden beams and complementing them with hidden LED lighting, you can get the effect of "chromotherapy".

Illumination can be adjusted using the remote in two modes: automatic and manual. In the first version, it will smoothly change, moving from one color to another and creating a special atmosphere of relaxation. In the second - it will fix on the color that is most preferred for you at the moment. In this way, you can create an extraordinary romantic mood or the effect of relaxation and relaxation.

Today it is fashionable to use different textures in the same room. In this room, white glossy tiles with waves and wooden matte tiles perfectly coexist with each other. This combination looks very impressive and allows you to visually zone the space. Washing machine and boiler sewn MDF cabinet. Next to them is a laundry basket built into the locker.

The main difficulties when working on a project. Low ceiling (2.48 m); the need for ergonomic placement of all plumbing, washing machine and boiler.

The main materials used in the design project: a set of "Borneo 800": a cabinet from "Fancy Marble" and a washbasin "Lucia 800" of cast stone; bathtub "ASYMMETRIC" (1600x1050 mm) of the company "Ravak"; wall-hung toilet "Kolo"; LED RGB-lighting for wooden beams; wall tile "Joy / Enna" by "TUBADZIN ARTE" (Poland); Domino floor ceramic parquet (450x450 mm).

Object address: Cherkasy