July 2018
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Rating: Laconic stylish bathroom interior 4.8 from 5. Rating : 5

Laconic stylish bathroom interior

Project description

Idea. "Many trees do not exist."
Laconic stylish interior, minimalist in shapes and colors.

Concept. In a small bathroom there was a task to place everything necessary: ​​a toilet, a washbasin with a pedestal, a washing machine with a boiler and a large oval free-standing bath. In order for the interior to be restrained and concise, it was decided to place the washing machine and boiler in a niche and close them in tones with tile fronts. On a white wall, a dark gray dresser under the washbasin is contrasting. Dilutes this dark horizontal line with a vertical illuminated mirror. Also contrasting and profitably placed a white bath on the background of tiles under a tree. In order that the toilet does not attract much attention, it was placed behind a niche for a washing machine and a boiler. Therefore, the main focus is a beautiful bathroom.

Materials: Tubadzin minimal tile. Acrylic bathtub "Devit Ovale 18090136". The shell "Devit Ovale 1510136".

Object address: Kiev

Designers feedback

Designer  Darya Kuzmenko
Darya Kuzmenko Work on the bathroom was interesting. In a small room placed a bath, which usually requires more space. And it turned out an interesting and stylish interior.