March 2019
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Rating: The use of light tiles with a contrasting black in the bathroom 5.0 from 5. Rating : 3

The use of light tiles with a contrasting black in the bathroom

Project description

Project name:
"Impressive ensemble".

The embodiment of the design concept:

The use of light tiles with contrasting black forms an expressive combination that brings a rather cool gamut into the room.
But with the addition of warm LED strip on top of the room, it becomes softer, more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Materials used in the interior:

In this design used the tile "Tubądzin LARDA" of different shapes.
The main highlight of this room was a very interesting and original glossy mosaic of this collection "LARDA 2" (298x270x11.5) of black and white color, it was decorated with a wall to the soul.
It looks like a picture, because it is framed in black tile.
I am sure that such a panel will attract the attention of all the guests of this apartment.
The ceiling is a stretch white glossy, manufactured by Labell, decorated with an ORAC cornice.
This is necessary for storing the LED strip of warm light.
Opposite the door is a TRAFFIC feller (1200x480mm) from KOLO on the tabletop, a wide mind, 2 drawers below (cabinet furniture will be made to order).
The cabinets and sinks provided for a plasterboard construction, thereby forming an additional shelf for hygiene products.
On this design placed a wide mirror.
The mirror was illuminated with luminaires from Italux, which in color and design are consistent with the drawers under the washbasin.

A huge portfolio on the design of bathrooms.

Designers feedback

Designer  Nelya Shkrebty
Nelya Shkrebty
The shower room turned out to be original and quite accent. That was the desire of customers. Personally for me, the room is very cool and every detail of the room emphasizes each other. In general, it looks all combined and with chic.