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Harmonious bedroom with natural materials
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advice on a bedroom design

Bedroom design

Bedroom design

In a functional sense bedroom interior (pictures) does not represent anything complicated. Standard set of bedroom furniture in the small areas of our apartments rarely allows one to be original in the furniture arrangement.

Unusual arrangement of furniture can be done more often in homes, where both the area and the configuration of the premises add supplementary variables to the design equation; or if there is a need to add extra functionality to the standard bedroom set: to add a desktop, a dressing room, or a sports corner. But it is functionality where the simplicity of the bedroom interior design (pictures) ends.

Repair and decoration

Regarding the methods of decorative design this type of premises often even surpasses other: here one can be confident to use dark or bright colors, because creating a volume effect is not the main factor here; more textiles, than in other rooms can be applied; an unusual light design will also find its application here.

Repair and decoration

In addition to standard laminate and wallpaper, such finishing materials as decorative plaster with various effects, stretch ceilings, wall-mounted 3D panels, wooden ceiling and wall constructions, printing on wallpaper, painting and bas-reliefs, stucco decoration, and, in some cases, even tile, are used in bedroom repair.

Bedroom design


Bedroom design in a classical style should, first of all, have quality furniture. Furniture here is even more important than in other styles. It is called to set the basic tone that fills the bedroom interior with a certain mood. You can find bedrooms in a classical style in our portfolio on this page. To do this, use the filter for the styles of the interiors.

We showcase bedrooms, their design, pictures, so you can see that in this room there is an opportunity to apply a lot of ideas, the best of which can only be done by professional interior designers.


Interior style

Bedroom designing should begin with the identification of style. The best, in our opinion, option is to implement the entire interior in a unified style. However, if you wish to allocate this private zone, create a different mood here and, eventually, a different style, there is nothing wrong with that. Styles diversity is undesirable, for example, in the corridor, kitchen, and living room. Because these rooms belong to one, so to speak, common zone. But bedroom is not visited by guests, so style connection, as such, between the bedroom and the living room may not exist.

Furniture location

Usually, bedroom interior does not give much freedom in the layout of furniture. Therefore, this stage rarely causes any difficulties. Although there is also a place for non-standard solutions: it is possible to place a bed below the window, or arrange a walk-in wardrobe in the room, or to build a decorative wall for zoning space. The main thing in the planning decision is to remember that with the arrangement of furniture, a key role lies in functionality and convenience rather than the originality of the idea. Non-standard placement will become familiar in a few days, but if this arrangement of furniture is not comfortable for you, it will cause negative emotions all the time.

Bedroom design photo
Design idea

Bedroom design is gaining momentum: the style is chosen, the furniture is arranged. Now is the turn to draw, or rather model the bedroom in 3 dimensions in real scale and come up with original design ideas, pick up interior elements: furniture, light fixtures, finishing materials for walls, ceiling, and floor. This stage is the most interesting for the designer, since it is where they realize their creative potential most, and for the customer who will finally see how their bedroom can look like.

Drawing plan

The bedroom, which design is fully coordinated with the customer, is developed in the form of drawings. This stage is almost deprived of creativity, since all complex nodes have been developed, or, at least, thought out already in the stage of visualization. Now they need to be simply transferred to the language of the drawings.

Designer supervision

While repairing and furnishing, all questions to the designer that arise from the customer or contractor, they can settle by calling or coming to our studio. If it is impossible to solve an issue at a distance, the designer will go to the object location and manage the issue on the spot. Depending on the composition of the contract for design services, such trip may require additional payment.

Bedroom design

All the ideas that we will offer for a bedroom design can be definitely realized on the known technologies, and we will inform you about the contractors who will be able to perform all the stages of work, from repair to furniture ones. It's up to you either to take advantage of their services or to look for performers on your own. The main thing is that you can be sure that while implementing the project you will not encounter a situation when the realization of the designer's plans will be impossible.

The possibilities of the bedroom interior decoration, as well as other rooms, are limited only to the designer's imagination, the chosen style and customer's financial capabilities. All of these and other parameters will be definitely taken into account while developing your bedroom.

Contact us for advice and to order a design project. You can read the detailed project order information on the contacts page.