May 2014
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Rating: Contemporary bedroom design with yellow color emphasizes 4.0 from 5. Rating : 3

Contemporary bedroom design with yellow color emphasizes

Project description

Design concept. Modern room with yellow "color spots", which are very appropriate in the bedroom, meeting the sun in the afternoon. The dressing area is separated by a sliding mirror sliding system so as not to load the room with wardrobes and make the space visually freer. For the dressing table is allocated a place perfectly lit by natural light. And the bed is chosen with a soft light finish that gives a feeling of “airiness”. The contrasting dark color of the shelves and the drywall construction behind the bed only emphasizes how easily and lightly the rest of the interior elements are perceived.

The main difficulties when working on a project. Visualization is difficult to convey the "airiness" of the bedroom, which is created by soft textiles, glass and mirror surfaces, light wooden floor and pleasant to the touch texture of the wallpaper.

The main advantages of the implemented project over the existing one. Due to contrasting dark designs and yellow wallpapers, it turned out to be a good way to zone a sleeping place, which for easy falling asleep should be perceived as a cozy little space. Spot ceiling lights are a great help in zoning rooms.

The main materials used in the interior. A floor from a light laminate, wall-paper, glass surfaces of curbstones.

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