September 2014
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3D panels in contemporary bedroom design

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Project description

Design idea: Warm modesty.

Design concept. With a moderate budget we had to create strict on shapes, but warm to feeling bedroom interior. While selecting the colors and color combinations, we had to take into consideration the selected wallpapers, so the orange color was picked up as an emphasis (pillows, leather on chairs and in decoration), which perfectly goes along with beige wallpapers. On the walls we have different wallpapers from same collection. On top all walls are joined with light wallpapers and two  opposite walls (at the head of the bed and with TV) are emphasised with dark ornamental patterned wallpapers. It helps to underline the function of these zones in the room. Moreover they are decorated with small  drywall downdrop with located behind LED rope. This hidden warm light creates  coziness and intimacy. As well, this downdrop near the bed is well aligned with wardrobe door.

Sliding wardrobe doors and the decorated mirror. On the right - the same mirror on the wall. This approach helps to visually enlarge the entrance part (it seems to be 2 doors instead of 1), as well mirror adds some depth to the room. Sliding door is mirrored both sides, but from inside without a decoration so appears to be just a mirror if the door is closed.

Main materials used. Bed and bedside chests “Zegen”. Wallpapers “BN International”, “Camargue” catalogue. Laminated flooring "Quick Step Classic QSM032 White oak brightened”. Lamps "FM ILUMINACION" 80х80 cm located side by side create 1 long lamp 160х80 cm (8 lamps).

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Customers feedback

Татьяна А.
"Дизайнер Ирина Гнатовская сумела технически воплотить мои представления об идеальной квартире в конкретный проект, наполнила его интересными идеями и оригинальными решениями, заложила фундамент в реализацию ремонта моей мечты. Могу охарактеризовать Ирину как сильного профессионала, обладающего удивительным чувством цвета, композиции и гармонии, внимательного к деталям проекта и к пожеланиям заказчика. Я искренне благодарна ей. Сотрудничество было приятным и плодотворным!"