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December 2016
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Rating: Turquoise blue color for the guest bedroom 5.0 from 5. Rating : 4

Turquoise blue color for the guest bedroom

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Project description

Design idea: "Cote d'Azur on a sunny day"

Design concept: The task was to create a universal room for the daughter, and in the future, when the children grow up and live independently and independently, the room will become a guest. The leisure zone or just for reading was decorated with wallpaper with the texture of jeans, which gives comfort and youth style in a secluded corner. The existing brick walls were painted white, which made the room light and modern. High ceilings did not leave us without attention and made it possible to make a hidden lighting in the ceiling, rolling on the wall, which allowed us to separate the area with chairs. To prevent the vertical facades of the cabinet and mezzanine from appearing so tall and elongated, horizontal stripes were added.

The main materials used in the interior: Bed and bedside tables Zegen "FRIDA ZN804"; Wallpaper BN International collection "Denim" article: 17623, Bean bag Original, large "League - Nova"

Object address: Kiev