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December 2016
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Blueberry color for bedroom

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Project description

Design Idea: Blueberry Pie

The idea was to highlight the panoramic windows, to create a cozy place to relax. Make a closet with mirror facades, so that they reflect the view of the forest nature. Added horizontal divisions at the headboard and on the cabinet for the visual expansion of the room with high ceilings.

At the request of the customer, they left a brick, but at the same time, they removed the natural color that was too embossed, having painted it white. Added rich blueberry color to the wall and textiles.


The main materials used in the interior: Chair "DLineStyle" Michel-1M; Bed and bedside tables Zegen "FRIDA ZN804"; Floor lamp EGLO 83215; Sconce POLAND 78360


Object address: Kiev