November 2016
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Guest bedroom design with lace glass partition

Project description

The idea of ​​design. Lightness and lightness of space.

Design concept. Custom approach to the design of the guest bedroom. The bed was placed against the far wall next to the closet, this arrangement wanted to achieve a more free center of the room.

The writing table offered to be folded. In the folded position, the tabletop is a screen for the radiator. In the area of ​​the TV perfectly fit compact folding sofa.

The floor and walls in cream colors, sofa and bed - white eco-leather. Interior monochrome is diluted with bright red-green textile accents and paintings. Above the headboard of the bed he used a relief 3D panel of green color, a little higher he used a chipboard, from the bottom of which a hidden backlight is visible. From the same chipboard is made wardrobe and table.

Interior lighting. In the center of the sofa zone there is a chandelier, in the entrance area to the cabinet there are spotlights of large diameter (about 150 mm), and the bed area is illuminated with a diode tape with a diffuser, which is mounted to the ceiling around the sleeping area.

The main difficulties in working on the project are the complex shapes of the walls of the room, but thanks to the glass relocation from floor to ceiling and the light curtain that conditionally separate the sleeping area and create a cozy effect of intimacy, we managed to successfully hide them.

The main materials used in the project. Sofa "Blest Veri Heppi". Glass teregorodka with a pattern. Tile and warm floor in the bedroom.

Address of the object. Smila, Cherkasy region.