December 2018
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Bedroom design with delicate blue accents

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Project description

Soft pastel with blue accents in the bedroom. Customers work a lot, the main place for rest is a bedroom. The design of the room was supposed to be pleasant and relaxing, so that the colors of the interior would not irritate and nothing would interfere with the rest. Therefore, we have chosen a blue tint that is soothing, cooling and soothing. But, so that there was no feeling of cold, they took warm beige color as the basis, which is an excellent companion to blue. The main elements of the interior: Chandelier-Vele Luce Lotus Poof-Modern soft 03-47610 Bed-Lawrence Corners Wall lamp-Open Light.

Designers feedback

Designer  Юлия Байдак
Юлия Байдак The bedroom turned out as planned pleasant, soothing and inviting to rest)