October 2017
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Bedroom design with plush textile used

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Project description

The main idea of ​​the design project was to create a bright room in pastel colors (turquoise and powder colors) in a minimalist style so that the bedroom does not stand out from the overall style of the apartment.

Concept design project. The main drawback in creating a design project was financial constraints. Based on this, we have proposed a variant with minimal costs. They picked up the wallpaper "Panoramiques papier peint catalog Summertime" bright, pastel, which will create a cosiness in the bedroom, and also picked up textiles, which will overlap in color with the wallpaper.

Textile-plush. Noble and decorative textiles, which have a characteristic subtle sheen, which adds character to the interior and makes it elegant. In the selection of colors, we played on the contrast of beige-pink and pale turquoise (it calms, suppresses negative emotions, helps to concentrate and creates comfort), besides this color is a trend this year and next.
We also picked up wall sconces "Sillux, CANNES 307 LP 6/307 C" and a desk lamp "IDEAL LUX 48808" on the dressing table.
All furniture will be made to order from the material MDF: white glossy facades and MDF woodwork on the countertops (for greater practicality).

Address of the object. Poltava region