July 2018
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Bedroom design with blue moldings

Project description

Design idea:
"Rhythmic headboard".

The embodiment of the design concept: Usually the main purpose of the bedroom - rest and sleep, in which people enjoy peace and quiet. In our case, it was necessary to divide it into several zones: a working area with a workplace for the client, a sleep and rest area, where there is a bed and a TV, a small dressing room and a zone for beauty.

Materials used in the interior: The first thing that attracts attention when entering the bedroom is the beautiful headboard. It is made of polyurethane moldings, which are combined in one geometric pattern and painted blue along with the wall. The walls are beautiful and calm in color decorative plaster. At the request of customers, to add light and space to the room, applied white glossy stretch ceiling. Calm colors are present in this room and on the whole throughout the apartment, and accents are such highly relevant and trendy colors as blue and black. Furniture made of MDF will be made to order. A dressing room only looks small and compact, but inside it will contain all the clothes of customers, each shelf was thought out by customers from the functional and practical side to suit their personal needs. For convenience, each shelf is illuminated by a white LED strip of neutral glow. Fairly harmoniously into the bedroom by the window was a chest of drawers and a dressing table with a mirror.

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Customers feedback

Андрей З.
Всі зауваження враховувались та були запропоновані різні варіанти на вибір. Сподобалось також, що наш дизайнер Неля, ніби відчувала, що буде підходити саме для нас, і пропонувала ті варіанти, які ми ще не встигли озвучити.Результат перевершив наші очікування, і ми задоволені співпрацею. Вдячні за виконану роботу, дякуємо за терпіння і бажаємо вам багато задоволених клієнтів!

Designers feedback

Designer  Nelya Shkrebty
Nelya Shkrebty The room was very functional and balanced. The beautiful headboard draws attention to itself and is the "highlight" of this room.