January 2014
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Rating: Bedroom design with wardrobe in Italian style 4.8 from 5. Rating : 4

Bedroom design with wardrobe in Italian style

Project description

The idea of ​​design. To create this project, the designer was inspired by the "rich mood of bygone times."

Design concept. The bedroom design was conceived in a classic style, in which the whole apartment was made, but with a special soft mood, without contrasts, with soft forms and calm textures. Initially, most of the bedroom was allocated for a dressing room. In the process of developing the interior, the task was to perform the design of the room in such a way as to emphasize the design of the chosen bed model and other furniture accompanying it. Smooth openwork lines on furniture are not overloaded with other elements of the interior and, on the contrary, supplemented with an unobtrusive texture of wallpaper and textiles. Access to the dressing part of the bedroom is through a large wooden system of sliding doors, decorated with mirrors with the effect of an old patina, inspiring the spirit of past bygone times, typical of classical interiors.

The main difficulties when working on a project. Hide the routine of standard but comfortable planning solutions for bedrooms.

The main advantages of the implemented project. The realized project shows that the design of the bedroom can be so successful that the time spent in it will tend to increase the time allotted for sleep.

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