April 2017
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Bedroom design in colonial style

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Project description

The idea of ​​design: "To meet traveling" The interior was created for a young man, so we decided to design a bedroom in the colonial style. It is this style that carries the spirit of adventurism and thirst for travel, which is typical of young people.

For the colonial style is characterized by the use of expressive accessories, such as aged decorative pictures in the framework and table lamps on wooden tripods. Also, a striking feature of this style is the use of ethnic themes in the decoration, for this wallpaper was used with an ornament. The doors of the cabinets are made in the form of louvered facades, which additionally supports the theme of the interior.

Basic materials: Zegen Bruno double bed, Rasch wallpaper by BB Home Passion collection, Arte Lamp Martin lamp spot, Eglo Lantada table lamp

Object address: Mirgorod. Other projects in this area: projects in the Kirovograd region.

Designer's review: It was interesting to create a colonial-style interior, since it is not often possible to deviate from the classical understanding of how a bedroom's interior should look, towards something new and unusual.