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June 2015
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Rating: Bedroom design in delicate colors 5.0 from 5. Rating : 8

Bedroom design in delicate colors

Project description

The idea of design. Gentle bedroom in soothing colors

Design concept. It was decided to make the bedroom more gentle than the rest of the apartment, with a large panoramic window overlooking the Dnieper.

The main difficulties when working on a project. The main difficulty was to combine windows and a radiator, as well as to make it possible to hide irregular room shapes.

The main materials used in the interior. Painting, 3D panels, furniture Blest, laminate.

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Customers feedback

Галина Корпань
"Проектом задоволена! Дизайнери умнічки! Приємно здивували! Якщо у майбутньому потрібно буде ще розробити проект, то, звичайно, звернусь саме в Інтер'єр-Ідею!"