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June 2017
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Rating: Fancy bedroom design in contemporary classic style 5.0 from 5. Rating : 3

Fancy bedroom design in contemporary classic style

Project description

Modern classic in light colors with slight dark accents. A wish from the customer is a mirror with light bulbs and a leather bed with a high headboard. Selected part on both sides of the bed in the form of a frame with inlays of black glass. The wardrobe is divided into equal parts on both sides, and in the center left a large part for the dressing table. The existing column was sewn up with the same facades as the facades of the closet that would look in one version. From below, under the tabletop, they supplemented the table with a shkhukhlada and a bedside table, thus continuing to hide the column behind the furniture.


The difficulty was in the existing column from the side of the cabinet, but we skillfully hid it !!!

Address of the object: Kiev