February 2019
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Small monochrome bedroom with mirrors

Project description

Depth of the interior of the female bedroom.
Bedroom design for a young girl who chose her favorite black and white colors.
Also very much loved by the customer mirrors, installed to the ceiling, performing its function give a feeling of spaciousness and light.
The main focus was to make the ceiling and the painting, which would not interfere with the rest and relaxation of its owner.
With the help of them got an attractive room and an unusual bright accent.

Laminate: Fado Oak - laminate 33 class 12 mm Kronopol Sound
Doors: diamante 3
Bedside table BP-CG8912

Interior design in Kryvyi Rih and Dnepropetrovsk region

Designers feedback

Designer  Юлия Байдак
Юлия Байдак

When creating a black and white interior, you need to remember that we risk getting a boring, not interesting interior, BUT ... a little imagination and optimism decide everything.
The bedroom turned out spicy with an interesting ceiling geometry of light, and most importantly in the color scheme in which it was planned, without bright accents.