January 2017
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Juicy berry colors in bedroom design

Project description

Design idea: Cranberry covered with frost

Design concept: Apply a rich and rich gamut of red to decorate a youth guest room. The red color of cranberries raises the tone and gives strength, and a light frosty frost is designed to add freshness.

Functionally, the room except the guest bedroom can serve as a home office. The wallpaper ornament reminds that the main part of the house has art deco notes and they are partially transferred to separate rooms on the second floor. The style of furniture is playful and youthful. The writing desk has a smooth rounded shape, as if making its presence unobtrusive.

Difficulties when working on a project: The very presence of a large desk with computer equipment in the bedroom is a rather controversial decision. We tried not only to fit it into a dynamic interior, but to make it a logical continuation of the furniture used.

Main materials: Krono Laminate Original, oak bedrock, Nowodvorski Ellice lamps, Zegen Bruno bed, tinted black mirror.

Object address: Smila, Cherkasy region.