April 2019
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Bedroom "Resting contrast"

Project description

Design idea:
"Feeling of rest, even with sufficiently visible contrast."

The embodiment of the design concept:

A bedroom for two young people should include pleasant and stylish combinations of color and shape.
A suitable shade of brown gives a sense of solidity without much pathos and as a result, the overall impression of the room will be very nice.

Materials used in the interior:

The main and pleasant place in the bedroom is the bed, it should be comfortable and practical.
The bed “Diana” from the company “Blest” on a mattress of 1800x2000 mm was chosen.
A decorative sun-shaped mirror hangs over the head of the bed, its entire surface is completely mirrored.
On the sides of the bed are very elegant, original and modern bedside tables round shape, they will be made to order.
On them are the fixtures from "MAYTONI".

White metal rhombic decor was placed on the pedestals on the wall, which is also visible on the dark accent accent wall.
The geometric shape of a rhombus can be seen in most room decors: on cabinet furniture, metal decors on the walls, and even in the mirror at the dressing table.
Opposite the bed is a TV and nightstand, which serves to accommodate various necessary things and to accommodate a radiator (it is covered with a decorative grille).

There is a dark carpet on the floor, which continues from the corridor, and a dark plinth.
Smoothly dark color from the floor goes to the accent wall, and the same dark color goes to the ceiling.
The windows we proposed a dark shade to support the accent wall.
On the ceiling spot lighting.
On the walls, decorative plaster of light and dark colors.

Designers feedback

Designer  Nelya Shkrebty
Nelya Shkrebty The room turned out quite stylish, but cozy. I think that in this room customers will have a good rest and relax, because they really like the contrast of colors.