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September 2019

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advice on a children's room design

Children's room design

Children’s rooms. Design and decoration

The first thing you need to decide on when you start a kids' room design, is how childish it should be. Children's rooms (pictures), their design and decor, very much depend on the age of children. How many years till you plan to redo the repair? Probably, even developing the design of a kids room (pictures) for a 5-year-old child, it is better to do it with an orientation toward adolescence. The plot of the favourite cartoon will embarrass them when through time they will communicate with their friends in this room.

Taking into account the child's sex, his temperament and, preferably, his personal preferences, the color scale of walls, floor, and furniture is chosen. Bright design of all these interior elements is rarely used, as this can overload and emotionally fatigue the child. As a rule, we recommend using bright colors dosed: on a part of walls, in furniture, or textiles

Room for girl

Girl's rooms, which pictures you can see on our website, are characterized by a softer range and femininity. However, the design of children's bedrooms should not be patterned, typical, say, necessarily pink in color, with ruffles and bows. It is necessary to approach the design process more comprehensively. The interior of a girl room should reflect her passion, inner world and form a sense of beauty. Therefore, a girl's room is not only a functional premise with a comfortable arrangement of furniture for study, rest, games and meetings, but also harmony of colors and forms.

Room for boy

Boy's room is a bit different from the girl's room. Teenage room design more reflects their inner world than in a situation with the nursery design. Since, the older the child, the more their own priorities and preferences show up. Where adults do everything standard according to the "children's" pattern, the child, already having his/her own opinion, can reject unacceptable ideas and offer a more specific but close to him/her different view. Boy's rooms are more strict in comparison with the girl's rooms. They have less textiles and soft colors. Boy's rooms design should teach them courage, help self-identify with the stronger sex.

Room for girlRoom for boy


It is important to bear in mind that in addition to the original aesthetics, the interior of the kid's room should be quite spacious and comfortable for the child. In fact, unlike the adult's bedroom, a children's room for a child is a bedroom, a living room, a study, a playroom, and possibly a gym. For study, rest, games, as well as for meeting friends, there must be enough space. Balancing these components of a good children's room design is the main designer's task.


Design idea

Decide for whom and until what age the interior should be relevant. This depends on when you plan to update the repair, and what is the budget for this update.

Drawing plan

Further, the designer will make a planning decision with the arrangement of furniture. If there is no substantial alteration of the repair in the near future, then it is possible to arrange furniture so that children of different ages are pleased. Zones for sleep and rest, studying area, play area, dressing area or wardrobe are obligatory for kids' rooms. Think, perhaps, if the area permits, you will want to add a sports area and a reception area here.

Design in 3D

Interior visualization. The designer makes perspective sketches of the premise from different sides and develops all the design ideas. Again, if the repair is not updated soon, the design is developed in such a way that a significant total impact can be achieved by replacing the minimum of the elements. Say, the walls can be neutrally colored, the ceiling left without complex or children's decoration elements. Instead the desired result can be achieved with the help of textiles on the bed and windows as well as with the help of furniture. Then having replaced these elements, essential for the expression of design ideas, the entire design will also change visually.

Children's rooms design
Repair and decoration

After coordinating the visualizations, the designer will prepare all the drawings necessary for the contractors to perform repair work, for you to purchase finish materials, for furniture makers to produce furniture by design. The contents of the package of drawings can differ in different versions of the project bundle. For instance, if you chose the option without detailing furniture, then there will be no furniture drawings. This shortened version can be chosen if you plan to order furniture later, after the child grows a little.

Designer supervision

Author's supervision of the project. There appear many questions in the process of implementing the design. Depending on who will solve them - you personally, or your contractor, or a designer - you can order or not order author's supervision of the project. Author's supervision is possible only for projects that are developed in the same region where the design studio is located.

We will gladly fulfill the design of rooms for your children. Please contact us through the contact page or order a project on-line.