December 2012
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Room design for youngster in contemporary style

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Project description

Design concept. The task of designing a room for a teenage boy was to satisfy the needs and desires of the child as much as possible. The color scheme for this room was not chosen randomly, since it is believed that green is the color of nature itself, freedom, a symbol of renewal, rebirth, and life. To solve the problem of the functionality of the space, the room is divided into three conditional zones: working, sleeping and rest areas. The working area is located by the window, which allows you to engage in daylight and, which is very useful for the child. This area from the bedroom separates the low decorative shelf for books. A spacious area for outdoor activities and watching TV, located opposite. Bright paints in the interior are brought in by multi-colored lamps-suspensions, various elements of decor characteristic of teenage boys, and a lamp with balls-suspensions gives the room style and modernity.

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