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December 2018
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Children's room of the future astronaut

Project description

design idea

“How interesting to be a child”

design concept and the main materials used in the interior.

Childhood means living in fairytale worlds, surfing the seas and oceans, fighting for kingdoms, traveling in time, being in the crew of the fastest spacecraft and doing everything that comes to mind from the world of fantasy.
And how great it is when everything is at hand in your ship / castle / plane, where you can sleep after a dangerous battle, draw a map with hidden treasures, do homework while recharging blasters, and when it all fits into your room.
And the task of the designer is to help with the implementation of the plan.

According to a previously agreed planning decision, furniture was placed in the children's room.
The color scheme is chosen taking into account the theme of the room - "Cosmos".
In order not to overload the space, all the walls, except for one, were painted white.
We offer paint for walls from the company “Caparol”, as it is environmentally friendly, meets all the standards of health care, which is very important for any dwelling, and especially for children.
Stretch ceiling blue glossy (Labell company, Comfort collection, Marine L162), in wall color.
On the floor is a bright laminate (the firm “Room”, walnut Mercury).
The round window became the compositional center of the graphic solution of the walls.
The drawings are stylized, applied with silver paint, both on the blue and on the white wall near the bed.
The subject was emphasized mainly in details and accessories (posters in frames, handles on furniture, holders for books on the dresser, bed linen).
All furniture is designed in the same style and color.
Folding sofa (firm Pufetto, model Cosima), if there is a “pajama” party and some of the children will stay overnight.
And the proposed frameless puffs-pears are comfortable, soft, easy to move around the room.
Behind the sofa is a white wall with no decor, which can be used as a screen for a projector.
Also on the ceiling above the sofa some stars placed stickers with phosphoric effect, which are easily removed if necessary.
Lighting is provided: a chandelier in the middle of the room (Eglo, Locanda chandelier, white); sconce by the bed, sofa and above the desk (Eglo sconce, BIMEDA white); and additional spot lighting (MAYTONI, model 99175).
The windows are pleated blinds.

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