January 2014
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Children's room design for two kids in marine style

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Project description

The embodiment of the design concept:
The design of the rest of the apartment is made in the style of fachwerk.
But for the nursery, it was decided to retreat from this style and create just a “sea” mood.
The goal was to preserve a maximum of free space, while providing for separate zones for 2 boys.
In the interior of the nursery there are several zones: a zone for games, activities and studies, a sleep zone (2 beds), a place for storage of toys and books, a sports corner and each child has a spacious wardrobe.

The main advantages of the implemented over the existing:
The interior in nautical style is original, spectacular and at the same time simple.
It features functionality, spaciousness and a sense of special freedom.

The main materials used in the interior:

Cabinet furniture:
wood with metal elements;
gaming table with four pull-out poufs;
art painting on the marine theme at the head of the bed, behind the TV and on the ceiling.

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Designers feedback

Designer  Gnatovskaya Irina
Gnatovskaya Irina Children's room design is like a state in a state or a separate world inside an apartment. Children live with emotions, which means that the interior should please the eye, correspond to their hobbies, be interesting and comfortable for them. I think in this interior I managed it.