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October 2017
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Children's room design for 4 years old girl

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Project description

The idea of ​​design. "Treehouse" Design Concept. We worked in the room with finishing and our task was to furnish it. For such a small room it was necessary to provide a large number of items: a sleeping place, a desk, a table for beauty, a wardrobe, shelves with toys and a play area. All this was possible thanks to an unusual bunk bed. The berth was located on the second floor, and under it were shelves for toys with drawers and a small soft zone. Curtains attached around the perimeter of the bed allow you to hide from everyone and go to the fairy-tale world of children's fantasies. The bed is also decorated with removable textiles and a garland. The size of the second tier allows you to sleep comfortably, take the brothers to visit, and also read together a bedtime story with dad. Placement of the desktop due to the location of the window. The wardrobe was placed in the corner behind the door, the table “for beauty” - in a niche next to a large mirror, which created a cozy corner where mother and daughter can pick up a dress, braid pigtails and circle around the mirror. The main difficulties when working on a project. The main difficulty was the lack of lighting and sockets, because before that the room had a conclusion just under the ceiling chandelier, a wall lamp on one of the walls and 4 sockets on the opposite walls. We placed an additional wall lamp next to the bed, a chandelier to light the first tier, spotlights around the room and increased the number of sockets so that we could turn on table lamps and additional electrical appliances. The main materials used in the interior. The furniture will be custom-made from MDF, partly from wood, the bed frame is metal, sheathed by MDF. Chandelier, sconce and table lamps by IKEA from the Skig series. Art Cat carpet from Internet shop of carpets "KILIMI" Other children's projects from Interior Design Studio.

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Константин С.
Ребенок в восторге от дизайна детской!