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October 2017
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Rating: Children's room design for boys 12 and 14 years old 5.0 from 5. Rating : 3

Children's room design for boys 12 and 14 years old

Project description

The idea of ​​design. The young age of the inhabitants of the room, determined the choice of modern style using metal and wood textures. In support of the main furniture, shelves with fasteners made of pipes and ropes were developed, and lighting fixtures made of ferrous metal were selected. Decorative elements, namely sports-themed pictures and a tournament record board, underline children's interest in sports. Design concept. In developing the interior of a nursery for boys, it was necessary to place two beds, a workplace for each of the children, a small cabinet and a chest of drawers, and not to forget about the pet's cage - Toshi parrot. Given the age of boys (12 and 14 years old), their interests, hobbies and the desire to have a personal space, it was necessary to find a solution that would suit everyone. Based on the small size of the room, the use of a bunk bed was obvious. It was proposed several options for the design, but the choice was on the bed with perpendicular placement of beds. Thus, near the lower bed fit chest, and each of the beds turned out to be secluded. The main materials used in the interior. The interior was made using contrasting Rasch wallpaper: dark from the Passepartout collection and light with a fine texture from the Amélie collection. Azzardo chandelier called Fan Pendant has become an active stylistic element. Almost all the furniture is made to order, and the chairs are selected by Signal company called Enzo. Other projects for children from the design studio "Interior-Idea."

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Константин С.
Ребенок в восторге от дизайна детской!