March 2017
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Rating: Children's room design for two kids of different ages and genders 4.7 from 5. Rating : 3

Children's room design for two kids of different ages and genders

Project description

The idea of ​​design. Creating a room for two children of different ages and gender. The main color of the walls is gray and the color of the furniture is white. Color accents mean zones of each of the children, pink for the girl, blue for the boy. The main focus in the nursery is the play area, and it is this wall that is painted with slate paint.

The main materials used in the design project: Wallpaper Kids Teens ll Rasch, laminate, the wall is painted with slate paint, wooden slats on the ceiling, furniture: Chipboard laminated Egger oak bortolino natural, fuchsia, turquoise, white.

Object address: Zolotonosha, Cherkasy region.

Designers feedback

Designer  Darya Kuzmenko
Darya Kuzmenko

Working on this nursery was very interesting. Incredibly cheerful and sincere customers, which greatly facilitates the work. There was a difficult task to place in 13 m2 both sleeping places, and workers, and places for storing things, while leaving the playing area spacious. And all this for very different in age and character of the girl and boy.

I was pleased with the result of the work done. Especially a wall for creativity.