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July 2014
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Rating: Children's room design in marine style 4.7 from 5. Rating : 6

Children's room design in marine style

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Project description

The idea of ​​design. "Children's style in the sea"

Design concept. This bright children's room for a little dreamer, age from 1 to 5 years. At this age, the child needs space and a safe arrangement of furniture for active games. In the nursery, everything is provided for the development of the child: a sports area where the wall is located, a developing area, where there is a wooden decorative wall with a graphite board for drawing or studying the first numbers and letters. The ceiling in the form of clouds with artistic painting, illuminated by wall eaves lighting, it seems to be floating in the air, and it seems that this is a continuation of the sky !!! Bright, positive art painting on the wall will always cheer up not only the child, but also all those who visit this wonderful room. The airy children's room will give the child the opportunity to consider all the details and vivid drawings of the interior, he will never be bored in this room.

The main difficulties when working on a project. The only difficulty in this project was the ceiling in the form of clouds.

The main materials used in the interior. All furniture is on order, art painting on the ceiling and on the walls, decorative wooden decor in the form of a railing on order.

Customers feedback

Кравцова Ольга
"Осталась очень довольна! Дизайнеры работают отлично, быстро и качественно! Всем советую!!!"