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December 2017
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Children's room design for young scientist

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Project description

The idea of ​​design: "Laboratory scientist."

The concept of design and the main materials used in the interior.

In this project, maximum attention was paid to the customer’s hobbies and hobbies. And the main task was to rationally use the space, placing everything you need: a bed, a wardrobe for storing clothes, a rack for books and scientific equipment, a desk.

The interior used photowall-paper “Researcher's Table” for the wall along which there is a sofa (Marta by Pufetto, 2000x1000 mm.), And for the other walls - decorative white plaster. Laminate flooring Quick Step Largo of dark color was chosen for the floor, and MDF plinth was chosen to match the color of the door. A wardrobe and a desk will be made to order from MDF of two colors. The cabinet configuration is an assembly structure of open and closed sections. On the open shelves, the owner of the room will be able to place all the accessories for experiments and science. In support of the general theme, posters with the image of test tubes, a microscope and various attributes of the scientific world were placed. Also, we took into account the fascination with drawing and placed a pipe on which you can hang your drawings, photos, letters. Lighting devices chosen by Eglo. On the windows we offer “Day-night” blinds with a blue stripe in the color of the sofa.

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Customers feedback

Светлана С.
Очень понравилась работа дизайнера. Профессионально и грамотно был построен диалог, учтены все пожелания и предпочтения. Результатом осталась довольна вся семья!