July 2018
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Children's design with pandas on the wall

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Project description

Design idea:
"The secret life of pandas in the nursery."

The embodiment of the design concept: Thinking through the interior for the child, you need to become a child for a few days to understand the desires, tastes and characteristics of the child.

Materials used in the interior: The main room has a bed in the shape of a house and an interesting painting on the wall. The bed was designed so that, if necessary, you could add another bed for your second child to the second floor. The painting on the wall fits very well into this room, it provides ease to the room and maintains a childlike atmosphere. The bed is made of MDF in white, pink and blue colors. At the head of the bed there is a hanging shelf on which books will be stored for reading to the child before bedtime. There is a place for learning near the window: a desk and a hanging locker for storing things. At the desktop on the left is a soft place to sit where parents can sit, helping their daughter do their homework. Also, this sofa will be a place of rest and leisure for the girl friends. There is space for storage under the soft seat. This is very appropriate for the children's room, because the child has a VERY many toys ... The existing white family tree with photos harmoniously blends in with the customers. At the door they placed a large closet for storing children's clothes and other things.

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Customers feedback

Андрей З.
Всі зауваження враховувались та були запропоновані різні варіанти на вибір. Сподобалось також, що наш дизайнер Неля, ніби відчувала, що буде підходити саме для нас, і пропонувала ті варіанти, які ми ще не встигли озвучити.Результат перевершив наші очікування, і ми задоволені співпрацею. Вдячні за виконану роботу, дякуємо за терпіння і бажаємо вам багато задоволених клієнтів!

Designers feedback

Designer  Nelya Shkrebty
Nelya Shkrebty I am fully immersed in life in this room, as if I myself am now a little girl who enjoys childhood, plays, frolics ... I remember that in fact being a child is so PERFECT! Especially when you have such a comfortable room in your “apartment”. I hope the girl will have a good time in her room.