January 2012
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Children's room design in Ukrainian style

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Project description

Design idea, creative project name, concept.

Informative children's in the Ukrainian style for the girl.

“Ukrainian Alice in Wonderland”.


The embodiment of the design concept.

Although the customers are not Ukrainians by nationality, they decided to arrange a nursery for their little daughter in this particular style.
One of the difficulties was to introduce the Ukrainian style in the nursery in such a way that the nursery remained interesting and playful, and the style only displayed affiliation with the country and did not give the room sullenness or seriousness.
The second difficulty was the wrong shape of the room (see planning).
This feature is hidden behind the even shape of the cabinet.

All furniture is made of wood.
The wardrobe was inspired by the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”, therefore every smallest detail matters, and particular attention was paid to the facades.
Such an unusual cabinet can not be bought, it can only be made of wood to order.
Each of the cabinet doors has its own design, its own unique design and opens in different ways.
Some doors look like a separate locker, but open with the next.
Handles will help to emphasize the uniqueness and design feature.
Everywhere they are different in shape and color.
And the addition of a frame of red color completely transforms this cabinet.

For the introduction of the Ukrainian style, near the sofa under the window made decorative windows with shutters, and along the walls - a wooden fence with a painting.
Atmospheres also add 2 chests that will be used to store toys.

The main materials used in the interior.

Di-Perla decorative plaster in base color;

Sofa bed "Venier - Meridiani”;

Sofa "Bali" from "Zlata-furniture";

Wooden cabinet furniture;

Floorboard - bleached ash;

Wooden beams, and between them - acrylic with a pattern.

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Designers feedback

Designer  Gnatovskaya Irina
Gnatovskaya Irina

Children's room is not just a place where a child plays, rests, learns and becomes independent.
For him, this is a separate world, existing according to its own special laws, where it should be comfortable, convenient and interesting.
In this interior, any piece of furniture becomes the object of the game.