April 2018
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Design a modern children's room with Parisian motifs

Project description

Idea of ​​design: Modern children's room with the Parisian motives

Design concept: The concept of the whole house - different countries of the world. Paris was chosen for the children's room.
In the nursery for the girl, delicate shades of blue and pink were used on the facades of the furniture. The window made a place to rest with soft pillows and with thumbs under it. Also, it will serve as an additional place for things. Nearby is a desk, and on the other hand a bed. In general, everything looks like one design, as the customers wanted.
A cabinet and open shelves for cups and awards were placed on the opposite wall, as the girl enjoys dancing and takes top places.

The main materials used in the interior:
The main array of furniture chipboard "EGGER H1213 ST33 Elm Tossini natural", and the facades of MDF white "ADLER NCS S 0500-N", pink "ADLER NCS S 1015-Y90R", blue "ADLER NCS S 1015-B". Chair "Signal Soren" gray (szary). Armchair bag "Original color Oxford Dark Gray, Medium size". Carpet "Loft Shaggy 0001-10 gri 003342".

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Customers feedback

Валентина Б.
Все понравилось! Дизайнер Алексей учёл все наши пожелания и внес свои предложения. В конечном результате получилось стильно и современно. Рекомендую "Интерьер Идею" для реализации самых оригинальных идей. Спасибо!

Designers feedback

Designer  Alexey Shvedenko
Alexey Shvedenko Harmoniously incorporated into the interior of the Parisian motif did not violate the concept of a modern, light style for a teenage room.