February 2015
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Bedroom design in contemporary style for a youngster

Project description

The idea of ​​design. The energy of the city.

The main difficulties when working on a project. The presence of beams and 2 columns. It was decided to close the water pipe running along the wall onto the roof with a wardrobe (to the right of the bed). The radiator is hidden in the niche behind the bed.

The main advantages of the implemented project over the existing one. It turned out a stylish room for a teenager. This is not just housing, but a zone of psychological comfort and a source of energy. The interior design of this room is repelled by the functional load of the room. And here it is very large - it is a bedroom where you can relax, and a living room in which he invites friends, and an office in which he prepares for classes, and a game room, and an entertainment center, where he watches movies, plays video games and etc. It was not possible to arrange a full-fledged gym (and there was no such task), but a place for the Swedish wall was allocated. And this is already a great opportunity to break away from notebooks or a computer and at least 5 minutes to devote physical exercise. The wall behind the Swedish wall in order to practicality, it was decided to issue a white decorative brick.

When designing furniture, they also preferred functionality. The furniture of a precise geometrical form, easy, convenient, with the chromeplated metal handles ideally fits into this style. At this age, furniture is just a place where you can remove books, CDs and all sorts of extra things. The working area, as a rule, is intended both for studying and for practicing your favorite activity - modeling, reading, computer. Therefore, the main thing is ergonomics. Everything you need to be on hand. A sufficient number of shelves and drawers will save a teenager from chaos.

The main materials used in the interior. Graphic style emphasize the rectangular shape of MDF-furniture and simple geometric lines of the plasterboard ceiling with blue LED lighting in the niches. The main walls are decorated with white decorative plaster to make the room as bright as possible, they are a light background for contrasting furniture. Wallpaper at the head of the bed "AS Creation - Manhattan". In the zone of the sofa - photo wallpaper for the order. Sofa "Delphi-mini" company "Blest". Spotlights company "Eglo". Sconce and table lamps of the company "LAMPEX" (Poland) with a perforated pattern repeat the theme of the city.

Designers feedback

Designer  Gnatovskaya Irina
Gnatovskaya Irina

The interior is laconic and functional. What is important for teenage boys - such a room is easy to keep clean. There are not a lot of decorative elements here, the surface of furniture and walls can be cleaned well. This laconic style will appeal not only to athletes, but also to "nerds", techies, programmers who do not like to be distracted by something. The contrast of black and white is a classic that allows you to make the interior of a room modern, stylish and slightly brutal. A bright yellow color energizes, awakens enthusiasm, adds warmth and comfort. For a teenager, the main thing is that the room is not dull.

Adolescence is emotions, a lot of impressions, music, friends, sports and movies. All this is torn out and requires an exit. This is one of the most difficult and controversial periods in the development of the formation of personality. But very soon a young man will grow out of a teenager, who will take all the best that has happened over the years.